Welcome to our blog!
Who are we, you ask? Ah, that is somewhat complicated, but please indulge us for a moment, and we shall clear the air.

Ricardo. Dark and mysterious. A man known to solve the worlds’ problems armed only with a roll of duct tape and a toothpick. Often described as an impish rouge.

Suzie. Pure unadulterated sass, distilled into a petit blonde bombshell with a brain fit for Mensa.

They met on safari in Tanzania. Suzie was returning from a Paris Pied a Terre design job, while Ricardo was vacationing after a palace remodel in Abu Dhabi for Sheik Wanta Banduoudee. Whilst sharing a cup of Mageu during a tribal indoctrination in the wilds of South Africa, Suzie’s comment that this enticing concoction of mealie meal and malt “just dills my pickle” made the suave Ricardo laugh hard enough to shoot mealie mash out of his Romanly noble nose.

After a week’s time and hours of uninterrupted chatter, Suzie reminiscing about the time she had spent in Bhutan renovating Taktsang Dzong monastery, and Ricardo reflecting on his travels to Guernsey, where he had tea with a local politician and persuaded him to seek sovereignty for the tiny island nation. The dynamic duo knew that they had met one another for a purpose, and this is how the greatest business partnership the world has ever seen came to be. They now spend their days traversing the world, giving their consult on projects in China and the Caribbean.

Rome was not built in a day, but that’s only because Suzie and Ricardo had not yet been born.