Bank of America – Executive Cafeteria and Conference Center

LOCATION: Infomart in Dallas, TX    |   SIZE: 5000/6500 s.f.

WHAT: Design conference and dining area in the Infomart.

PROBLEM: Within the 5000 square feet of space allotted to design the conference and dining area, it must serve three shifts of associates, accommodating approximately 1200 employees per day, seven days a week.

SOLUTION: The project encompasses 11,500 square feet of a 7-story, 1.6 million square foot building in Dallas, Texas. The Cafeteria & Conference center accommodates over 1,200 Bank of America associates per day. These areas are designed for optimal work flow over three shifts per day, seven days a week. The design palette reinforced the Bank of America Red in the entire project. The design approach was minimalistic with precise interconnection of materials, lighting, and flooring. The flooring comprised of three bold terrazzo floor colors to reinforce the diffrent sections of the cafeteria. Solid surface materials mimicked the flooring to add a contrast of vertical materials. Lighting and HVAC systems were integrated together to reinforce ceiling planes.

**This project was completed while the principals of walkermiranda were at previous firms.