Lincoln Trinity Bluff

LOCATION: Ft. Worth, TX   |  UNITS: 304

WHAT: To create the common areas, indoors and out, for a newly constructed luxury apartment complex in Downtown Ft. Worth.

PROBLEM: walkermiranda was very excited to have the freedom to design the Leasing Office, Club Room, Business Center/ Conference Room, Fitness Center and Pool area for such a luxurious lifestyle environment.

RECOGNITION: Winner of 2007 Legacy of Design Award
ASID First place in Corporate Small category.

SOLUTION: This complex of over 300 luxury apartments is in the bluffs area on the north side of Downtown Ft. Worth holds breathtaking views of the skyline as well as panoramic views of the Trinity River, which are able to be enjoyed while visiting one of the many common areas in the Lincoln Trinity Bluff. It was imperative that access to the Trinity Trails be available from the outdoor and pool areas. The design team was able to set the mood and tone of the entire complex in the public areas with giant windows to allow lots of natural light to seep through, as well as very high ceilings, and light wood floors to give the residents large, calming spaces to enjoy.


**This project was completed while the principals of walkermiranda were at previous firms.