Texas Land and Cattle

LOCATION: Stemmons, Dallas, TX

WHAT: Restaurant Refresh

PROBLEM: Texas Land and Cattle has been providing the Southwest and Midwest with delicious steak for over 15 years. Over that time, their interior and exterior were beginning to show signs of the high volume of clientele that constantly frequent Texas Land and Cattle. While wanting to update their spaces, Texas Land and Cattle also wanted to use their small budget for this project very effectively.

SOLUTION: In order to create texture and dimension in the main dining area, walkermiranda found a green friendly product called ASI Ecotextures. The result was a face lift for the focal point of the restaurant, as well as a fresh, modern look without major expenditures. Carpet tiles were also added in the main dining area and private dining spaces to absorb sound and soften the interior space. The fireplace was refitted with eye-catching metal tiles to add a central decorative pop. The bar & prairie room were retro-fitted with stunning copper laminate accents that highlighted the spaces and provided additional reflective lighting. Pendant lighting was replaced over dining tables and bar for atmosphere as well as functionality.