The WORKSHOP | studio philosophy is all about collaboration.  We partner with clients to create engaging, experiential spaces that inspire a sense of community.  No matter the size or type of project, every space tells a story.  Our designs focus on communicating a client’s message with fresh perspective and poignant focus on return on investment.

Design isn’t always about pricey details.  We make the pretties work for you.

How does it work?  WORKSHOP | studio strives to create comprehensive environmental experiences that provide:

  • An inspired sense of community gathering,
  • A collaborative client process,
  • A tangible experience tied to each project’s unique identity,
  • Selections that stand the test of time, and
  • Purposeful solutions that keep budget in focus.

We find inspiration in everyday things, natural forms, towering monuments, and places both near and far…

We win when our clients win. That’s the workshop studio experience.